Slipknot Merch

Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in 1995, the group was founded by Corey Taylor (vocals), Mick Thomson (guitar), Jim Root (guitar), Craig Jones (bass) and Shawn Crahan (percussion).


Slipknot is known for its extremely heavy sound which features a large number of down-tuned guitars, a dense mix of percussion, and vocal styles ranging from screaming to an almost crooning style. The band's music often features themes such as anger, violence, death and nihilism.


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Where to Buy Slipknot Merch?

You are at the right shop if you are looking for personalized and featured Official Slipknot Merchandise at an affordable price. Whether you are crushing on Slipknot self- care hoodie or you want a Slipknot metal t-shirt, our merch store has got it all for you. Whatever customized apparel you are looking for, you can have it by visiting different categories of our merch.


What Is Included in the Slipknot Merch?

Slipknot Merch Store is the online store that offers the merchandise of the popular metal band Slipknot. This merch offers a huge variety of high-quality merchandise and every merch category provides a huge variety of variations. You can shop top-quality Slipknot T-shirts, Slipknot Tote bags, Slipknot Fisherman Hats, Slipknot Blankets, Slipknot Phone cases, Slipknot Pillows, Slipknot Keychains and other Slipknot accessories.


Slipknot Hoodies

For hoodies, there is not much that you don’t understand. Everyone knows hoodies at their own best. Hoodies are now known to you as a zipper or the pullover etc. So now you have to do your selection of these types. The prints and the flamboyancy of effects are just admiring. Our Slipknot Hoodie with all sarcastic and novelty is dope enough and snatched enough to complete your wardbore and your looks for sure.


Slipknot Fisherman Hat

Slipknot fisherman hat has the function of sun protection. Whether you are going to an event outdoors or a fashion party indoors, whether you are shooting on the street or walking on the stage, the fisherman hat is a very good product to show individuality and functionality. You can get a set of sportswear and send it with our Slipknot fisherman hat. This is sure to make you feel cooler than ever before.


The Mission of Slipknot Merch

Our mission - Slipknot Merchandise Store is to always respect customers and bring value to life, helping you to feel comfortable when coming to our website after every tiring working hour. Our exclusive products from custom Slipknot Clothing, Accessories & More will make you fall in love. 


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